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Originally Posted by CAM6467 View Post
I've got the Coralife 30" fixture on my 29g that you mentioned. I'm a bit concerned about what you said in your first post. Are they discontinuing the manufacture of the bulbs for my t5ho setup?!?! Sad news if its true. I love this fixture.
I was just concerned about the availability ina couple o' years - no panic intended.

I went ahead and purchased 2X Odyssea T5ho

2 24W fixtures, 96W total. 2 ballasts, 2 independent fixtures.

I have to say what I bought is overkill, but I want to play around with some screening effects;

I'm setting them up side by side, but off set, spanning 30"...
- 1 layer screen on the 2 outer bulbs, leaving last 4" bare at the ends.
- a 2-layer area right where the fixtures overlap in the middle.

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