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I've decided to "go back to the drawing board" in an effort to create something new. This little project will be aimed at providing a "one stop solution" for DIY Led lighting that electronics/programming novices can tackle with relative ease. Think- "a DIM4 on steroids" LOL.
I've essentially married the "Typhon" Led controller directly to two different types of led drivers. The controller PCB will mount directly on top of the driver PCB and keep all the "guts" of the led lighting system in one small, tidy arrangement. No programming experience will be needed to make this project work, as it will only need to be programmed once and any further tweaks will be made using the buttons and the LCD interface.

First up is the Controller- It's my version of the "Typhon controller" with 4 channels of lighting control. Each channel can be independently programmed for Start time, end time, Max & Min intensity, ect.. I also include two analog inputs for temp sensing/ PAR measurement, whatever is desired.

Next is the first of two styles of led drivers. The first will contain 4 of the band new Meanwell LDD-H drivers. These drivers can be purchased for less than $10 each and are available with different maximum current ratings up to 1000ma each. They can operate in excess of 48 volts, so long strings of 12 -15 leds are possible. Each of the 4 drivers will take it's dimming signals directly from the controller mounted on top.

The next driver is Based on the National Semi-Conductor LN3409. I designed these drivers to utilize components that will allow them to run led loads up to 60 volts/ 3,000 ma. This design will allow the newer Cree XM-L leds to be run at their Max. Each driver's maximum current output can be custom tailored using the on board trim pot. Since each PCB can only hold 2 LM3409's. The driver PCB will be split to create 2 driver sub boards that will mount under the controller. I include selectable jumpers in the design to allow each driver to be addressable by the controller.

That's it for now- the PCB's needed for this project arrive tomorrow. I'll post some pictures of the finished product after it's put together.

225 Gal, Glass "Reef Ready" w/ dual Iwaki Pumps & 2 Ocean Clear inline filters. Makers 72" heat sink w/ 12 NanoBox V3 led arrays, custom built CC drivers. All controlled by a BlueFish "mini" Led Controller. iAqua Aquarium Controller , and a 20lb CO2 system w/ Milwaukee Ph Controller.
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