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Hello I haven't read your other thread but those are some beautiful rocks and driftwoods.

The lack of sloping and variation in substrate heights stands out most to me.
You can certainly make what you have work, when it grows out it will be beautiful regardless of our efforts but as a standalone, there's no flow. The rocks aren't giving any cohesion to the branches, perhaps they are too scattered?

In #1, since the butt of the driftwood sticks out there could be something to 'counter' it on the opposing side. I think if you stack some of those beautiful rocks into the right-hand corner and then covered them with substrate, letting only their fronts break out from said substrate, you will have a gentle slope that can balance your overall image.

Another suggestion: can you rearrange the 'bundling' of the two pieces of driftwood? I like where the placement of the single driftwood is in #2, perhaps you can add the second piece lower down? It will help spread some visual 'weight' to that opposing corner again.

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