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I picked up a Spec V (you can tell by all the light questions i've littered on these boards - sorry mods!).

My goal (however ideal it is) is to have enough light for compact growth of hardy plants without CO2 or regular ferts.

I'm hoping there's a happy medium there. Low-medium light with some crypt parva, wendetti's and etc. for compact growth. I don't trust the original lighting bc I believe plants like the wendtii will develop large leaves extending to the top and I think tall plants in a relatively short rectangular tank will not be visually appealing.

I have pretty much settled on the Fugeray 16" for this. About 30 PAR for our Spec V's while sitting on the lid. I think that, some root tabs and moderate ferts will do the trick (I hope!).

As to the OP's question, crypt parva will do well and provide you a nice foreground plant. Wendtiis are good as well but may grow more vertically with the original lighting. Others including needle leaf java fern, wysteria, java fern windelov which looks amazing tied to driftwood.

I'll be aiming for most of those but, like i said, am hoping to keep growth more compact with some higher output LEDs
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