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Low tech tank people - need your help with plant selection!

Hey guys,

I've got a new Fluval Spec 5 that I was debating pushing to high tech.

After spending some more time in the low tech section, it's clearly the way I want to go.

The dimensions of the tank are 17" x 6" x 10.6" high.

I'd like low maintenance, modest growth plants that require no CO2 or any serious fert regime.

What plants would you suggest in this set up?

Ideally, I'd like plants that stay relatively low to the ground as tall plants in a rectangular tank aren't very pleasing to the eye. I understand this counterintuitive for a low tech tank as the plants naturally grow more vertically to capture the light.

I love crypt parva for this reason and I have some red wendtti but am looking for some variety. Any suggestions?

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