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Originally Posted by Calmia22 View Post
The sunsuns are rated mainly for the uk 220v, but work on 120v and have a 2 prong cord. The aquatops have a 3 prong cord and are rated specifically at 120v. I have also heard that the plastic canister itself is flimsy on the sunsun, but I haven't been able to verify that since I have never seen a sunsun in person. Other then that I believe they are exactly the same.
My Sunsuns have a three prong plug. And, yes, they are flimsy, I've had the handles on the trays break. I'm still able to pull them out though. They work perfectly and silently and I've been happy with them. Compared to the absolute nightmare of dealing with my Marineland C Series (I have the 360 and 220), the Sunsuns are fabulous. They've never leaked, the primer buttons aren't permanently stuck down, the hoses connect easily, they don't constantly spit air.

I'm sold on replacing the Marineland C Series filters with more Sunsuns. I'm just wondering why I should buy the Aquatop version? After having phone calls and emails ignored by Marineland, if Aquatop offers even minimal customer service that would be incentive enough for me to go with them. Does anyone know if they back up the filters they sell?

By the way, how is this thread still up? I thought vendor reviews were forbidden. I updated my Marineland thread from July with a crazy person rant and it was immediately shut down.

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