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Clean up the tank. Wipe down the tank to remove that glass algae. Pick out dead and damaged leaves, siphon off the very top layer of substrate to get some debris. Putting a prefilter sponge on the filter intake will catch a lot of debris as well. Take out the wood and scrub off the algae. Either pull up the wisteria and rinse off the leaf or remove the leaf if it looks damages. BGA coats healthy leaves too, it might be just fine under the stuff.

The tank may not have too much light for plants with enough nutrients but likely does for plants not getting enough of the basics. As well as increasing the dosing and using nitrate and phosphate you might consider putting a layer of window screen down to give the plants a break for a couple weeks. Get Excel too, it helps the plants two ways, kills many types of algae and provides carbon. You have some very good varieties for new tanks and once they get going you will be amazed.

None of this is extreme measures, you would keep doing it all for the life of the tank to some degree or another. You will have to dose the tank regularly, I do it daily when I feed the fish. Healthy leaves live longer but the more plant mass the more dead leaves will develop. Personally I like to have snails and platies eat the dead leaves before I have to do something about them. There will always be some algae somewhere but you will have to search for it among the thick growth of healthy plants and can pick off isolated leaves. Glass will get covered with algae but may need to be wiped monthly instead of twice a week. Since it is easy for me to do water changes I do large ones regularly. When I had a 10 gallon tank lit with compact fluorescents I did do 50% weekly water changes and with the Excel and complete fertilizing the tank was clean and plants looked great.
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