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Originally Posted by angelsword View Post
So are these the exact same filter as the Ebay Sunsuns? I have a couple of those and they're awesome. I'm going to throw away my Marineland C Series as soon as I can afford to replace them. They're useless. I had planned to get more Sunsuns. What's the benefit of buying the aquatop version given that it's maybe $20 more give or take.
The sunsuns are rated mainly for the uk 220v, but work on 120v and have a 2 prong cord. The aquatops have a 3 prong cord and are rated specifically at 120v. I have also heard that the plastic canister itself is flimsy on the sunsun, but I haven't been able to verify that since I have never seen a sunsun in person. Other then that I believe they are exactly the same.

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