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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I have been dealing with it in a couple of different ways. First I cut my photo period to 8 hrs, then I have turned up CO2 on both tanks and now running 24 hrs, on the 29g Ive been trying API algae fix for 4 days, I dosed once, then waited 3 days then dosed again waited 24 hrs and dosed again, thats right now. Im hoping after a big WC tomorrow I will see clear water but I dont have high hopes, so far I have only seen a slight reduction in the Green tint in the 29G Dosed tank. Its still very cloudy and its already had 2 doses of Algaefix. If this doesnt work I will have to wait till after the holidays to buy a UV steralizer.I dont think I can stand another month of these green tanks, Everyone who was here at Thanksgiving was like "Ohh what happened, you know you gotta clean them things right" Not knowing all the time and effort in water changes, planting,trimming and testing I put in trying to make it look good. I felt like putting a sheet over them
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