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Update time.

Tank shot:

Added more Anubias Nana mini. So, my wife actually bought the first two pots of Anubias Nana from an ebay seller in Taiwan back in May when we both started our glass vase planted tanks. All this time I thought her plant is regular Anubias Nana instead of the mini variety. Then again, I've not found any information about Anubias Nana mini from any other source. But, it's definitely a lot more compact and shorter than the Anubias Nana I bought from Petco. Since my wife accidentally shattered her vase, I've welcomed her Anubias into my tank. The plant proved to be bullet proof as even I have kept it alive all this time.

Actually, for some crazy reason, all my plants are doing quite well in my tank and I don't even use any CO2 or ferts. Well, I did add some Seachem Comp when I first started this tank but only a few drops. I think the fishes are providing enough ferts, so I've stopped using the Comp.

Now, my CRS seems to love eating the Staurogyne Repens that I bought about a month ago. All the bottom leaves are chewed up.

I guess I can just put a bunch of Staurogyne Repens in the tank for feeding the shrimps incase I go on a trip. BTW, the pic is taken with a Rokinon 85mm 1.4 with a B+W +5 diopter. I can't seem to get a handle on the focus.

Here's one out of maybe a hundred shots that I am somewhat happy with:

I purchased 3 Blue Velvets from Nick about 2 months ago. When I received the shrimps and placed them in a bowl to acclimate, I found a very rambunctious 4th shrimp that came along for the ride. He was too small to be placed in the tank or at least I feared he'd be eaten as he was maybe half a centimeter small at the time. He was placed in a glass vase that's filled with Java moss for about 2 months. I had no idea whether he was still alive as he's too small to be seen in the vase. One day I got curious, so I took all the Java moss out to find him. At first he was no where to be found. I thought he died and started to give up trying to find him. Just as I was about to put the Java moss back, he jumped out from under a rock and started swimming around. By this time he's about 2/3 the size of a juvie, and I have more plants for him to hide, so I dropped him into the big tank. But, afterwards, he's no where to be seen again for a few weeks. Then, a few days ago, he popped out and maybe 30% bigger than when I put him in the tank a few weeks ago:

I thought this baby shrimp would grow up to be blue since he was found in the same bag as the Blue Velvets. But, he looks to be a Snowball. The pic up top is of the kid shrimp and of an older Snowball shrimp.

Oh, I added some Ranunculus Inundatus a few weeks ago. I planted about 6 nodes (bought 10 but planted only 6), and they've already exploded to what you see behind the Anubias. I am happy that they are growing very compact as I think this looks better. I've read that if they don't get enough light and nutrients, then they will grow tall and far apart from one another as well as close up their leaves. The few tall ones were already tall when I received them.

I was walking around PetSmart with my wife today and found they have a new shipment of Otocinclus Affinis (I think). Really wanted to get some Zebra or Cocama Otos from MzJinkz (sp) but don't wanna only buy a few fishes from her as shipping to CA will be a lot, and I only want 2 or 3 more fishes. All the employees were busy helping Santa and the rescue dogs, so I had to go without the Otos today.

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