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Just an update since I was in the area, I went to The Wet Spot to see what kind of shrimp they had.

20-30 Crystal Reds, fairly low grade but healthy looking, $6 per. Couple of berried females in the tank, and no upcharge for them. I picked up a few that had nice color to add some diversity to my tank. There were lots of higher grade shrimp in the display tanks but not for sale.

Ghosts and Amanos, they always have these, but never very many.

Cherry Shrimp, two grades, Sakura and ungraded, the ungraded were pretty nice looking, I've seen worse sold as Sakura.

The only real downer was a tank labeled "Blueberry" and Rili, together, misidentifying the Rili as a Caridina Sp instead of a Neo. The tank was, as expected, full of kind of brown looking cherry shrimp. $8/per. No Rilis I could see.

I still hate the service there but it was fun to go look at some fish, they do have a great variety.
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