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How To: Dual Gauge Regulator

I recently purchased an Aquatek Premium Regulator(adjustable working pressure) for a paintball 20oz setup and I was looking for a little assistance on adjusting the working pressure.

Initially the working pressure was at about 20 PSI, and I increased the working pressure and it jumped to 40 PSI. I then backed off the working pressure adjustable knob but it didn't seem to adjust lower.

I then started to adjust needle valve etc and trying different combinations.

Right now the working pressure is at ~65 PSI, I increased the pressure but again backed off it.

I dont feel like the system is running at 65 PSI just based on how much I have it flowing. Will this go down over some time and how should i best adjust the Regulator? If i started with the working pressure and needle valve in the off position, what is the recommended method to adjust it?

Thanks in advance
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