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Originally Posted by Steelwolve View Post
So you add it for 3 days straight?? The bottle I have says "Every 3 days"
Just checking Im using it on a 29G to try to get rid of Green water, just dosed last night a 9:30pm. I was gonna wait 3 days before redosing, but Im confused now. Should I do it again tonight and follow Toms way or was that a typo maybe?
You can do it this way, but it is all gone in a few hours since it binds to organic matter really well.

If you hit it 3x in a row, it should be more effective and just as safe for livestock. Shrimp may tolerant it better if you do every 3 days. But no one should be treating this stuff with a CRS tank anyhow........Fires, cherrys, Amano's, seem not to like it, but survive and are fine afterwards.

If you catch the algae early on, then one single treatment is all that is required. No need to repeat.

For folks using this stuff: focus on your CO2, reduce your lighting , one of those two or both. You will keep having issues till you do.

Tom Barr
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