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all kidding aside neat, i truly believe you should pursue what you are interested in. and if that means getting an education learning about something you love go for it! regardless of how lucrative a profession and/or availability of jobs...

i know many patents may disagree as they only want to ensure their children have every opportunity to be financially stable on their own.

but you know what, i spent 12 years in school studying architecture, photography, critical thoery, english literature and fine arts in school and worked (during school) for construction and architectural firms all my life and continued to do so when i graduated because i thought "thats what my
parents want"

12 years later after quitting my architectural job to pursue "the dream" of going into publishing working and making money with friends... i realized i am and always will be architect.

an educational experience and occupation i love, even if the pay sux and nobody appreciates you lol. but now i not only restore buildings, i design and build them with my new firm.

follow the road till it ends my are only young once, and the resilience of youth should be savored. you have all your life to figure out how to make money! good luck!

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