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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
Nice tank! I think your windelov java fern will love it's new spot. I had one that was withering away and turning black. It died back to a tiny thing, then I moved it to a tank where it attached itself to the sponge on my powerhead. Now it's in a strong current and it's grown 5x it's original size - it's lush and super healthy. Flow has a lot to do with them I believe - just like bolbitis likes flow.

I love your stone background - is it a styrofoam one, or real rock? I made some foam ones for two 29g tanks after researching them on a cichlid site. Your's looks much, much better than most of the ones I found on the cichlid site! It looks like there's a patina of algae/diatoms on it. When that grew on my foam backgrounds they became so much more realistic looking.

I can't wait to see how this progresses, you're off to a great start!

PS - are you going to do a step-by-step on building your canopy? I want to build them for my tanks & could use the experience of others - lol
Haha yes it is. I used a lot of youtube video instruction and Glenn from Dramatic Aquascapes. My first one I built for my 20L (which ended up not wanting to stay submerged, live and learn I guess) looked better. Each time I do it, it gets a bit better. It is styrofoam and I agree, once the algae starts setting in on the stone it looks so much more natural.

I can do a step by step on the canopy if you'd like. The frame is about halfway built. But I can still do a video and recap. I try to build as much of my tank stuff as I can to cut costs and make it more personalized for what I need it for. Like I'll probably end up building a DIY canister filter for this tank as well after December probably.

Side Note = the small holes were originally tunnels I cut for small tetra and danios to hide out in. There are a few channels on the bottom of the wall too to allow airline tubing to run under the substrate.
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