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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Because it doesn't provide solid flow all around the tank. Using lily pipes? Tiny amount of flow. Using a custom spray bar can help but there are still a ton of dead spots and circulation pumps are necessary.

My general rule of thumb: 2211 for 5gal or less, 2213 on nothing larger than 10gal, 2215 on 12-15, 2217 on 20-25.

I find the 2217 is perfect for a 20long. Seems to be consistent with what a lot of Planted Tank folks use.
Im going to be using it on a 40 tall and am not worrying about the flow the filter will or will not be producing. im more or less looking to overfilter the tank on a higher level, ideally i want everything on the list of stocking that i said before, what would you recomend for a 40 tall?

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