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Originally Posted by etane View Post
I've been wanting to build a self-sustaining biotope/aquarium but haven't seen a good one to use as an example until I found this thread. The Walstad type tanks I've seen do look more like a bucket o'mud than your tanks does. AND, I am glad I found it after it's already 12 pages old/long, or I'd be constantly waiting for updates. I aspire to build a miniature version for my cubicle. A breath of fresh air from all the ADA Iwagumi designs I've seen on this site. Definitely a "Thanks!" for sharing. BTW, love your fish choices too.
Ah great, glad to be of use.

Amazingly I've managed to get my arse in gear enough for a bit of a video update. Very happy with how things are progressing. Plants and livestock doing well, except for the Mexican gammarus which are being hunted with much enthusiasm by the Peacock gudgeons I added recently.

As you can see, the Hydrocotyle tripartita has gone berserk. Love it.

Please click through to Vimeo for the HD version, much sharper.
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