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Originally Posted by Zefrik View Post
Eh, I think of getting there as a trip or journey.

The repetition and the intricate patterns entertain my mind and creates a smooth flowing sensation that I can feel both in my mind, and to a point, in my body. The music is very "universal" in my experience as well. For example, the music can be uplifting and exciting but at the same time it can also be soothing and put you into a.....trance! The consistency of the music allows it to flow but at the same time the big build ups and drops give it a very dynamic feel. Although I know that this isn't the case for everybody. Some people just hear the ~140bpm and synthesizer sounds with generic keyboard drum set like sounds. But I can understand that, because my brother loves classical baroque style music and I am sure he could also write down exactly how he feels while listening to "his" music and it wouldn't mean anything to me. That is not to say I do not appreciate the music though. It just doesn't have that "something" that makes my serotonin go wild.

Wow I think I am on to something!


Wow I think I might be on something!

PRETTY CLOSE to how i feel. the song is a journey. the rythym lets ur mind wander until u get to the drop, or the "melody" or the uplifting vocals and that's when ur body just like tunrs into butter and melts away all that troubles you
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