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Tank: 55 gallon, 19 inch tall
Lights: 2x Hagen Power-Glo T5HO 18,000k, 2150 lumens, 233 lux
Light Distance: 24 inch

Ok from what I've read so far, I should be under 40 par. I couldn't find anyone with a par reader for me to measure so I was hoping anyone can confirm this? I was planning to move it up by 12 inches from the top but I'm afraid of losing too much par.

What kind of bulbs was used to test out the Hagen lights were used? was it the 6500k or the 18000k or it doesn't matter, all 54w are the same? I was hoping to achieve around 50 par but I guess it won't be possible unless I want to dish out money for new lights.
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