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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Part of the problem is that your tank is relatively new.

Your lack of filtration also likely lends itself to some problems. Are you able to get a better canister filter? Part of it looks like it could be a build up of random mulm-type gunk.

What are your specific water parameters?

Why are you changing your water three times per week?

Sounds like you've still got quite a bit of lighting. Do you have access to PAR data for the fixture so you can determine your light level?

Also should note that bubbles per second isn't an effective way to determine CO2 concentrations. Are you using drop checkers in your tank to help estimate the concentration? Why aren't you providing fertilization if you've got tons of lighting and are using CO2?

I'm changing the water 3x a week because that's how often I'm vacuuming out that stuff. Normally it would be once a week for me.

I'll test a fresh sample tomorrow.

There's plenty of filtration, flow is an issue though. It's a 12g long and the spray bar's current only reaches about 75% of the tank. That being said, what ever that stuff growing is, even where the flow is strongest, it's just as thick.

I know at 100% the light putting out about 140 PAR at the bottom of my tank. Which is stupidly high hence the dimmer and the reduced photoperiod.

My indicator is still on its way from Taiwan and I've been going off of how the plants are responding, ie: pearling and growing like crazy. I tried a week of increased injection with no change. So that aspect is a crapshoot at the moment. And I take back my previous statement, I do dose ferts, but it never crossed my mind they were ferts. I always saw them as "maintenance" items. Those would be flourish trace elements and potassium twice a week.
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