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This is more of a home owners thing but I STRONGLY recommend doing this. This is one of the most important things I am doing on this build. It only costs about $7, DIY, not sure how much professionally but its worth it.

I am sure many know but I am installing a GFIC (ground-fault circuit interrupter). I do this on all fish tanks, or anywhere there is water and electricity (bathroom/kitchen).

What this does, if you don't have one or don't know is it basically cuts the power to the outlet if you were, to say, drop the light in the tank and it fried. Oversimplified but the circuit trips before something bad happens.

Picture of what it is:

Didn't do a picture of what was there but it was UGLY. Had to remove some drywall. Somebody basically used some taping mud or similar and filled the receptacle in.

Ugliness on the floor...wish I did this before putting the tank in.


Sorry, I forgot to turn my phone sideways so it's different sizes.

Next, I am "downgrading" my 20lb tank to a 5lb. I wasn't sure if I wanted 5 or 10lb. Luckily, my local filling place only has 5lb, problem solved lol. Now that I installed the GFIC, I may fill as soon as tonight. Just got to hook the CO2 up first. I am using an inline diffuser but I also will use an in tank one at first. It's mostly for looks, I like glassware, but hopefully it's more flexible. I will see what I get done tonight.

Sorry for the kind of BS updates, I just want to be very clear on what I am doing for myself so when I look back on it, I know what I did and can compare.
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