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I have a co2 setup I too have a milwaukee regulator and couldn't be more pissed off with them.. Im not the only one, as one of the managers of Blue fish in Grandville had their regulator dump all the co2 in one of his client's marine tanks killing 2000 worth of fish...

Mine dumped on my 30 gallon tank as well killing every fish in my tank.. over 20 some fish.

When calling them he said it is because pressure backs up on their regulator/solenoid and that I have to drill into the solenoid to fix it..

OK.. so they sell a faulty product that should be fixed before selling it.. instead they allow consumers to destroy their tanks first before explaining any of this?

Oh, the Solenoid also basically burnt out on me as well.. they are sending me a new one, but I think im gonna switch to an Atomic regulator from green leaf aquariums.. they are new and have really good reviews from a lot of people. Plus they are compact and are made to work with their in-line diffusers which have great dissolve rates of co2 from what ive heard as well.

Just giving all you Milwaukee owners fair warning if it hasn't happened yet, as over time the solenoid will get dirty from refills etc.. It then causes backups that are almost impossible to tell if you have.. which will then cause a blow up of Co2 into ur tank and should kill everything.
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