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Originally Posted by kjacks View Post
so what is a good GH and KH to try to maintain for most plants? And should i be using the PH controller or a bubble counter and drop checker to maintain good co2 levels?
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3-5dGH is plenty of general hardness for 99% of the plants tanked.
2dKH is enough buffer to avoid pH crashing even injecting CO2.
My injected tanks are all kept with 3-5 & 2, I use RO and add what I want back. Using American Marine controllers, bubble counters (but wondering why LOL) and one or two drop checkers per tank w/4dKH solution.
Running the tanks at 5.7 to 6.05pH depending on where I set the controller.

Regarding fish and pH (imo),,, fish swim in the mineral content not the resulting pH which is driven lower based on CO2 content.

Algae problems is having to much light energy or not a completely supporting the light provided. NPK, trace, CO2.

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