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Thanks Aaron! I am dosing modified EI to the water column as well. I do have some stems in there that probably need the extra "oomph," as well as keeping everything else looking colorful. I'm also feeding riparium plants too, so they need the nutrient load to be a bit high as well.

16 lights isn't so's only four more than what I have up there right now. But I needed the upgraded lighting to fit the aesthetic of the room better than the "DIY" feel of my current pendant "Star I". It works great, and I hate to get rid of it, but it's just time to move onto "Star II."

Toksyn--Thank you, kindly!! The plant is Alternanthera "Variegated." I bought some from Jojo a while back, and has done very well for me. It provides a nice contrast in the tank, while tying in the colors of the plants above, and also within the room itself now (with the reddish-orange chairs). It also has a variegated pattern similar to what you find in Hygrophila polysperma "Sunset." Very cool plant....nice color, spreads laterally, and grows fairly slow.

Ryan---thank you, Sir! I hope it will be an improvement over the last one! The top part is nice....and bottom is at least trying to catch up a bit now! Time will tell!

MarioMann72--Yeah, I haven't used them for a few years, but I really haven't needed to. Now, I'm just waiting for Arizona Aquatic Gardens to send me my stuff, man! I ordered it Sunday evening, and still haven't gotten any word yet regarding the shipment. It's causing me to clench my jaw a bit. I've ordered 24 Amano's, 30 olive nerites, and 6 Bamboo shrimp....and I was hoping that they would be here by now. Anyone else have dealings with them? Is this normal?

Tyler--LOL! "Primo"! Nice! Thank you very much! I hope that you are enjoying the thread, and maybe getting some inspiration and ideas of your own to try out. I've seen some Tillandsia species popping up on other threads as well, which has been interesting. Always neat to see others with the same ideas, and still others who take an idea and improve upon it!

Bill---HEY! I WAS THE ONE the picked out the furniture, I'll have you know! It's my room, and my wife told me to have at it. She was along when I picked them out, and she OK'd them, but I picked them out! LOL! I assure you that I paid for can believe that!! Yeah, it's nice to be able to sit down in that room now, do some work, and listen to some music. Sonic Chill podcasts from 107.1 out of Ann Arbor, MI. You simply cannot beat it!

Keith--Thank you, buddy! It very nice to have your support, and I hope that you can find this thread useful and/or enjoyable! And, if you hate it, I would expect that you would tell me that as well!!

Looks like our lunch or dinner in Lexington will have to wait....I'm going to Alabama the week after next, and that will likely be the end of my travels until January. I do need to get back there in January, so maybe around the middle of January, if you aren't too busy, we could meet up again!!

Frank---IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY?!?!? HAHA!! I had to match the furniture to the Alternanthera "variegated," so I had to see if it was going to first make it or not, yes??

Well, it certainly is MUCH better now. The only time where I would spend any time looking at it was when I was working on it, which was the same issue I had before back at the last house. That's no good! So, the chairs are a welcome addition!! The bookcases will be useful, but now I'm kinda at a crossroads with those: if I load them up with impressive texts from my college years, will the spines be too distracting? I feel like I need to buy some sort of leather-bound encyclopedias, or something, to match. Likely, I'll just throw some kind of books in there. I held onto those damned college texts for a's about time to put them up and impress "would be" dinner guests, hypothetically. You know, in case the tank doesn't do that for them already.

Marko---That's hilarious! Spoken like a true college student!! Too funny! It wouldn't work for me, though. I like to slouch, so it would be very uncomfy for me!!

BeachBum2012---Hey, thank you bud! It's been an effort, and it is nice to get compliments! I find it equally amazing that so many people have been kind enough to say so! I didn't expect that, so I am truly and sincerely flattered!! Thank you!!
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