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#1- Keep an aquascape? (Not counting trimming work. ) Same HardScape Same plants.

5 years. Turtle tank with only driftwood, pebbles, jungle vals, and mosses.

#2 - The the same fauna, (not counting removing a dead fish or a few babes)
Same Fauna without additions.

Same tank as above, 7 years, as the turtle was given to me by a close friend. I had him in an unsuitable environment for 2 years before I made him his own habitat.

#3 - Ran the same equipment Filter, Lights, Heater?

Not very long. Less than 1 year in most cases. I do have a pond pump that is 12 years old (previously owned by my father) that I now use to pump water from my sumps back into my tanks, it has never been gutted or repaired and is still in working condition.

Bonus Points

I'll get these later, gonna head out for the day
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