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BKK Money Pit *Mystery Deaths*

Multiple tank syndrome strikes again ... Right now Iím planning to house just Taiwan Bees* in the tank. This tank is mostly about aesthetics for me. I just love the way BKK look.

Crap Cell Phone pics of my TB in their breeder box attached to my CBS tank:

Mr. Aqua 720

ADA Aquasoil Amazonia (New)
BorneoWild Bacter

Aquatop Hob w/UV (Seachem Matrix and Purigen)
Large Sponge Filter (seeded from my CBS tank)

Finnex FugeRAY

Cholla Tubes

Needle Leaf Java Fern
Xmas Moss
Peacock Moss
Dwarf Water Lettuce
Salvinia minima
Red Root Floaters

Water will be RO reminerialized with Nutrifin Cichlid Conditioner (as per Speedie408, the source of my shrimp)

*If I fail at creating a self sustaining population, I might add some high-grade CBS down the road. But this isnít ideal IMO.

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