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Originally Posted by Coltonorr View Post
Hi everyone...haven't been here in a long time...been so busy but I'm trying to get back into the hobby I love, so here goes.

Last year my 100g crashed because of hurricane Irene and then a snowstorm that knocked out power for 7 days.
Somehow I think I got a surge because the loss of power resulted in a loss of my really really cheap made in china light
I purchased 2 Fulham workhorse 7 ballasts and 8x39watt T5HO bulbs to begin building a new fixture to hang over the tank.
I'm looking for waterproof, shunted sockets and I can't seem to find them.
Do they not exist?
I figured this would be an easy project but like everything else in's not...
Any ideas?
Hi Drew,

Something like these?

Don't know if they are shunted or not. AH Supply, call and talk to Kim and he can answer your questions.

75 Gallon, 2X55W AH Supply CF 8800K, 1XMarineland Doublebright, 2X Marineland 350 Magnum; 45 Gallon Tall, 96Watt AH Supply CF 6700K; 30 Gallon Long; 2X36W AH Supply CF 6700K; 20 Gallon, 1X26W AH Supply LED kit; all with Press. CO2; (Calcined) Montmorillonite Clay
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