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I have a question/statement. Now, I know that around christmas time I'm going to ensure that I get a pressurized co2 system of some sort. But what I'm wondering is when should I actually start turning the co2 on? I ask because, as it currently is, I don't exactly have a large mass of plants. I'm assuming that I should get a good chunk of my tank planted first before turning on the gas and before adding ferts again right? (I mean, I was ei dosing but as it currently is, that seems like it would be silly) I'm still going to be putting osmocote around the roots of the swords and the banana plant though, and I guess some osmocote around the tiny little bulb of lace plant I have left.

I'm debating what I should do with that piece of driftwood on the right though, the one with all of the anubias. I feel like I should get some more and basically carpet that thing in different anubias species, but I can't think of any good ones outside of all the nana varieties.

I do know that I want to add some sunset hygro again (if I can find it legally...again lol) and I definitly want some taller growing h. corymbosa. I also want to mess around with the rarer/pricier ludwigia stems. Not sure though if there are any rotala species that I would like in here. The only one I can think of would be R. macarandra japan red, but part of me gets the feeling that in a tank with these large plants and fish that it would look out of place (unless maybe I kept it shorter as a foreground/midground plant)

I also want to try some blyxa in here, either japonica or one of the other ones (not sure their differences), and I definitly want to get some crinum calminstratum back in this tank as well. Not sure though if I want to keep the unknown myro in this tank or not, but I guess that can be figured out once I have other stem plants to potentially replace it.

Also wanting to add more c. parva and try out some harder to come by crypts, like maybe have a little bushel of c. nurri back where I used to have c. wendtii.

Fish additions are going to be a whole other story, but I think I want to focus on the plants first, since I am a tad worried that with the light I have and the lack of plants I have that algae will start popping up more and more. And I will get that bba taken care of eventually.

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