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Tank Lighting

Originally Posted by ANTIplastic View Post
Is this a safe bet in regards to not only maintaining plants but having some growth as well?

The whole lighting aspect has been a pain up in the neck. I'm currently running a single T8 Full Spectrum Daylight bulb......and it sucks.
Hello ANTI...

Lighting isn't "rocket science" if you do a bit of research into what plants you want and their light needs. If you have low light plants, then a single, 32 watt, T8, 6500K bulb is fine. A 40 watt, T12 will work too. GE has a good bulb that most hardware stores carry for a few dollars.

Moderate light plants require a two bulb fixture, but you can use the same 32 or 40 watt bulbs. Add some fish to provide the ferts and "you're in business".

If you get into more demanding plants, then you'll need more light. Then, you get into T5 bulbs, high output and CO2. That's higher tech and requires more research.

I like low tech, but these are suggestions only. This is what's worked for me.


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