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Originally Posted by shinycard255 View Post
Instead of getting measuring spoons, why don't you pick up a weight scale from amazon. Best investment I made and very reliable. Just figure out how much of each fertilizer to dose using Yet Another Nutrient Calculator and you are set. You can then buy one of those weekly pill cases and measure it out for each day and just dump in that day's fertilizer. DONE
Hi shinycard255,

I agree a digital scale is nice but certainly not a necessity. When I started in the hobby I bought one because my first dosing method was PPS-Pro and I needed a scale to weigh the chemicals to mix the macro and micro solutions.

With the EI method I dose most of my nutrients dry, so the scale just sits there most of the time. However I do like to dose my CSM+B in liquid form so I use the scale once every 4 months to mix up new micro solution.

The pill container idea is good; but couldn't you use the spoons to fill the compartments faster than weighing?

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