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55 gallon Rescape

So after finding out my silver dollars were the main plant destroyer/eater in my 55 gallon tank, I rehomed them (to a huge tank with lots of other silver dollars). The blood parrot was exonerated of all charges and converting it from plastic to live could proceed. I'm just getting started so there won't be a whole lot of changes right away (short on cash till I start winter break and start pulling 40+ hour shifts). Oh, and excuse the wood boards, I'm in the process of making a canopy for new lights and just overall better look

I'm thinking of having the white rock along the bottom with DHG or maybe Microsword growing between them in the cracks and java moss spilling and hanging over the edges of the wall. Replace the plastic plants with the real versions of them (minus the red sword in the right corner). There are also a number of holes in the wall that I can put floating plants in. For example there's a slat that opens onto the other side of the wall where the filter and heater are. I've had a bunch of anubias wedged in there so it looks like it's growing out of the wall. Since it's not really meant to be buried under the substrate, as long as it gets light, nutrients, and some water movement, it'll work
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