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Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Simply do not add fish. The nitrifying bacteria has not grown to the proper level.
Like I said I don't plan to add any inhabitants until I'm reading zero on Nitrites. However, if Nitrites are at zero and there is a minimal ammonia reading and the PH is under 7.0 I would still add them since the ammonia level, in a minimal reading, really is not harmful.

Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Continue monitoring and doing water changes. The optimum for nitrifying bacteria is to keep the ammonia and nitrite under 5 ppm. The nitrate level does not matter.
Some plants do not like high ammonia, and would prefer the level not go over 1 ppm.

Continue planting as your plants arrive.

Ultimately your tests will show the ammonia is staying lower, perhaps hitting zero. The soil is producing significantly less ammonia, and the plants and bacteria are dealing with that level of ammonia. Nitrite still show. Maybe you want to think about feeding the bacteria some ammonia or some fish food (decomposes to become ammonia and other things) to finish out the bacteria cycle.
When both the ammonia and the nitrite are consistently zero there are enough bacteria and plants to add fish.
That's what I'm looking/hoping for. I didnt want to feed any ammonia or fish food because i was already up around 4ppm. I did a big water change last night (80%) and today my Ammonia was 1, Nitrite was 1 and Nitrate was 20. It seems I am getting closer. I actually found out my HC is possibly arriving tomorrow so ill be able to get that planted and I planted my DHG today. If I get some numbers around 0 tomorrow ill add some ammonia or food tomorrow and see if I get a 24 breakdown back to zero. If I do I'll be transferring my embers from my 6 gallon this weekend!
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