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I was able to finally get a decent picture of one of my male M.Herbertaxelrodi that will be moving to the 40b with his other friends. I am not sure what was up with them. They usually do the breeding thing right as the lights come on as with other rainbows, but tonight they decided to do the dance after feeding time, maybe there was something in the mosquito larva lol

the two males were flashing at each just before he went for the girls. This guy used to be the sub-dominant male, but over the past month he has overthrown the older male and now the older guy goes and hides in the plants (you can see him in the lower left behind the ludwigia) eventually I think power will change hands again lol

Here he is.
please excuse the dirty glass, it was a quick water change this week, and I did not get around to cleaning it lol
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