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Longest Time You

#1- Keep an aquascape? (Not counting trimming work. ) Same HardScape Same plants.

#2 - The the same fauna, (not counting removing a dead fish or a few babes)
Same Fauna without additions.

#3 - Ran the same equipment Filter, Lights, Heater?

I just realized I'm coming up on 1 year for the HardScape & Equipment. The fish are that old, although they spent time in pond for the summer. The shrimp are the only new additions 2mos. old.

I've seldom have gone much past 6mos in the past in any tanks as I just tended to get bored. Maybe it's the slower growing low light plants that I choose that's giving me the inner peace and desire to let the tank grow.


***If your longest running tank is currently up, please post a Then/Now pic.***

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