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Originally Posted by Jules View Post
Awesome find!!! I love those old Victorian tanks - totally jealous of you, I've never actually seen one in the flesh around these parts.

+1 on the pipes being safe - unless your water is highly corrosive (like that ghastly copper-destroying stuff they have in Florida) brass, nickel and copper piping/fixtures are perfectly safe.

I was just about to refer you this thread, then I realized you were already there lol:

Do you have a lot of parlour aquariums? Would love to see some more pics of your collection if you do!
Thank you. I have two other vintage tanks on this forum, a Victorian cast iron tank and stand from the 1880's and a bronzed cast iron tank from the 1920's.
The tanks in those illustrations were cast iron so no problems with metal toxicity like my bronze tank. I had to epoxy the inside bottom of my victorian to prevent it from rusting out. It was originally coasted with a black tar substance which eventually failed. The 1920's tank has a slate bottom so I just covered it with glass so I could reseal the bottom and sides.
The fountains you show spray upwards whereas mine sprays downwards. This is the only one I've ever seen with a fountain like this. I've actually seen some of the tanks in your illustrations come up for sale but they go for thousands of dollars and are usually heavily rusted, missing the glass, and are sometimes missing the fountain as well.

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