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Originally Posted by zzrguy View Post
So I'm going to stop dose phosphorus for two week and see if it helps and if it helps I'll start dosing again at about half the recomended and slowly raise the dosage over time.
We really do not have enough details to help you based on the information provided.

Pic of the tank?
Plants? What type, how much, CO2?


Ferts are essential and perhaps the easiest thing in the hobby, but many still have long blamed them for algae and as I often tell folks....."a good myth is very hard to kill".

I dose 10-15 ppm PO4 a week to this tank:

10 ppm to this one:

Algae can be due to many things, but's due to folks not addressing the plant needs, which light and CO2 are the dominate issues for 90%(maybe more) of folks having algae issues vs say ferts.

Tom Barr
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