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No fixed boxes here, these pendants will hang from ceiling track using 110v pendant converters to light a 24" long tank. The pendant height will remain adjustable, at least until I get it dialed in and cut cords to length. The bulbs I'm looking at feature 5300k 60 degree Cree emitters, in either a 21W PAR30 or 36W PAR38 configuration. An inline dimmer and wall switch timer will control intensity and duration.

Regarding the tank itself, I'm still vacillating between the 17g "60p knockoff" from Mr. Aqua, and their larger 33g tank which has the downside of being nearly 18" deep front to back. The larger tank is a better fit for the stand I'm modifying, and a better fit in many other ways as well. So I'll probably just deal with a slightly dimmer front and back than could be had with the 12" deep (f to b) 17 gallon version. In other words, the bulbs probably don't have enough spread to cover 18" front to back, but I hope I can work around that.

Frankly, I'm flying by the seat of my pants to set up a tank over a 3-4 period based on whatever I think I've read, so I expect to make some mistakes. I'm just trying to prevent really expensive mistakes...

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