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Originally Posted by sowNreap View Post
Nobody advised you to wait. If you saw a good price on something you should have bought it.

If you're referring to what I said about the prices didn't appear to be BF prices to me could be because the items I was looking at weren't priced that great, just everyday sale price I can get any day of the week anytime of the year. You may have been looking at items that were some good BF prices. It's up to each person to research what they're buying to determine whether it's a good price or not. It's also a good idea to check the site periodically to know when the sale starts.
Actually there was advisement to wait.

This is the "advice" I was referring to. I wasn't referring to anything YOU said. And the big als forum member, if you read below, states that most of the sales were not yet up, so at what point do you know it's a "good price"? They stated that most sales were not up yet but failed to mention that several sales would also end on BF. And actually I did check the site, at least twice a day in fact. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Big Al's Online View Post
...most of our BF/CM sales are not active. I would hold tight until Friday!
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