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I got rid of the stem plants, I sort of liked them, but I don't really have any room for more tanks so I can grow em out.

I had some green slime algae, turns out my nephew fed the fish daily, and so did a parent or two...... So im doing alot of water changes and looking for the chem to kill the cyanobacteria.

At first the tank was dirt substrate with a sand cap, but the dirt level was too high so I couldn't make the sand very deep, and because of that I ended up getting alot of dirt kicked up on the sand bed, wasn't pretty.

So I went to the LFS today, Picked up some floramax gravel, a couple more bacopa plants and another which slips my mind.

I'm still not very good when it comes to aquascaping, and the waters a bit cloudy, but what do you guys think.

Ive got to pick up a few more of the foxtail rainbows currently in the tank, they really color up, I think the two currently in the tank are m/f

Also not sure if that drift wood is necessary, or if its just placed wrong

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