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Co2 tubing. Which to use?

A few years ago I had a great setup with my 66 gal planted tank with a 20 lb Co2 tank and regulator. I've since moved and only have room for a small tank at the present time. A Fluval Spec 5 gallon for the time being.
Back then; (ie; 7 years ago) the only tubing to buy for Co2 was the Co2 impermeable tubing which was black. I never had any issues with it leaking or falling apart. Now I see regular clear tubing being used which was not recommended in the past due to it would leech Co2 and become brittle quite easily.

So what is everyone using now? I know things change quickly in this hobby and I'm getting back into it again after a hiatus.

Black Co2 proof tubing or clear buy it by the foot airline tubing?


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