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Originally Posted by Disher View Post
I like the idea of using it as an invert tank only. Any updated pictures? Let's see 'em!

I'll try to get some soon. Nothing too special going on, just filled in a bit. Think I'll have to move the stump forward a bit to give more room for the ludwiga, or move some of the pennywort and plant some more forward in the side. If I move the stump up, some of the crypt will have to be replanted, too.

Minor stuff.

Think my ammonia has finally dropped out. Going to dose it again just to make sure, then it's time to start shopping shrimp.

I also need to test GH/KH. I'm suspecting I might need to do something there, as initial tests with the Aqua Soil left my water pretty soft. So I have some reading to do on what that means for shrimp keeping.

I used to use a Kati/Ani DI filter back when I kept saltwater fish and small cichlids. I still have them, but I'd rather not go to the trouble of doing that then buffering the water back up. I do think I saw my old container of Kent RO Right. Wonder how that would work if I'm soft? I don't see how that would really go out of date.

On the livestock question, I've started to waffle now a bit on pumpkin shrimp. Looking at Speedie's pics of Blue Velvets, might go that route instead. Confused.
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