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What is wrong here? HELP!

This tank has been set up for 3 weeks now. It has MGOPM capped by STS. The STS was rinsed until it was clear then(don't ask me why) I transferred the STS to some buckets that had a fair amount of calcium montimorlite clay residue in them. Well 8 complete water changes and numerous substrate vacuums later it is still cloudy. The only thing that made a difference was my diatom filter, but that only keep it clear for about a day. I think the clay dust is my problem because when I disturb the STS I can see it kicking up. How can I get rid of this? This has been making me lose sleep! I swear I am close to tossing this tank out the back door. The tank is not cycled yet and is filtered by an Aqua Clear 110 and a large SUN SUN canister.
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