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Thanks for the replies!

Originally Posted by lochaber View Post
Sockets for the bulbs?

I'm not familiar with electrical stuff, so I don't know what a shunted socket is.

If you are just trying for a waterproof endcap, you can purchase those online. I've also seen DIY versions involving bicycle innertubes (probably only works for t12, maybe t8).

I've also seen versions where they directly soldered the wires to the bulbs, and then dipped the whole end in Plasti-Dip.

May be able to rig something out of those acrylic tubes used to shield bulbs. Those usually come with a little cap that you may be able to seal onto the fixture or something.
Yes I'm look for sockets for the bulbs...I have 2 Fulham workhorse 7 ballasts and 8x39w T5HO bulbs...essentially I'm looking to build my own fixture.

Originally Posted by View Post
Shunted sockets are fluorescent sockets with an already install shunt connecting both pin connectors. Old style fluorescent sockets and ballasts use(d) non-shunted sockets.

Here are a couple of sources
Thanks dbosman,
I did see those. The first link is not a waterproof socket, though it is shunted. The other 3 links are waterproof, but I can't tell if they are shunted. I was hoping to find shunted waterproof sockets. The tank is open topped and I didn't want to cover the light. However I may have to cover the light if waterproof shunted sockets do not exist.

Maybe someone else will chime in...
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