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Originally Posted by SueD View Post
Has anyone added a heater and if so, what did you add and where? In where the pump is? I just went to PetSmart on black Friday for dog food - really - but couldn't pass this up for the price.

I'm a little overstocked with hasbrosus in another tank, so will be looking to move a few to this one and add something else like micro rasboras or maybe a couple of sparkling gouramis if I can find them.

Petco sells a store brand 50w heater that fits perfectly in the pump side of filter.
Only problem with this placement is there is not much water flow since the pump gets most of its water from the bottom of the other side of the filter. This causes that filter compartment to get warmer then the overall tank temp. So you need to either turn the heater up higher then you need the tank temp, or do what I am doing and use a heater controller with the temp probe in another spot. Also due to evaporation i need to add water daily to keep the level above the min. water line on the heater

Top down view of heater

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