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Originally Posted by Tylt33 View Post
How much flow are you planning on having? I run a Aquaclear 110 and Eheim 2128 on my 75g and it seems like plenty of flow and filtration even with around 80 fish. And you are going pretty high tech considering most of the plants on your list could probably flourish in low tech. My last suggestion would be to set it up peninsula style if you can. 75g have beautiful dimensions for peninsula setups.
I am going to be running just the 2 2217s with bio media from the current filters on the tank. I will be replacing a lot of the media in the 2217s with the blue coarse pads eheim makes.

Originally Posted by dbl_dbl17 View Post
Why on earth are you running so many filters?
There will only be the 2 2217s on this tank. With lots of the blue coarse pads. The filters (2 ac110s, and 1 Fluval) are only there because they are on the current African Cichlid setup I have going in the 75. I will be taking their biomedia from those 3 filters and placing them in the 2 Eheim 2217s. This way the ADA AquaSoil will take less time to cycle . Sorry if the post was confusing, I am gonna go back and update the top
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