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I woke up thinking about your tank this morning. Good grief LOL!

Anyway...I forgot to mention that the sketches are simply something to give you ideas and not to tell ya you should start over. You already have driftwood with plants attached. I am not suggesting you change them out for anything else. Just move them around a bit in a way that will give you the appearance of depth and an illusion that nothing is potted. How has it been cleaning the tank since you've added the dw and pots? Do you have to move them or are you able to get the hose angled to suck up dietrist around them?

Anyway, in my sleep lastnight I was thinking about something that could be really cool. You know the 3-D backgrounds a lot of folks make? That could really add a lot to your tank! And, it would cast an image of your background to the bottom of the tank (at least I think it would). If you did something that wrapped around the corners that would even add that much more.

Or.... I don't know if others would recommend this or not...and I don't know how it would work far as cleaning, but I imagine it could be pretty cool. If you could use the same principle as the 3-D background and put it on the bottom! Make it appear to be rocky, like you see in most lakes. Big rocks that slope towards the front of the tank or to the center (big rocks sloping inwards from either side). That way you don't have a ton of crevises to try and clean.

This might be more work thatn you want. But the possibilities! I bet you could make something incredible!

Don't mind my brainstorming k!

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