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Just Joined - Fluval Spec 5

Just joined - looks like a great forum.

Been a long time fish keeper since I was young.
Had a 75g saltwater for years that I took down when I moved and never got back into large tanks.

Kids both have Marineland Eclipse's in their room (3 & 6 gallon)
& I currently have a 20 gallon nano reef in my office.

Kids got tired of their tanks so I consolidated all in the Eclipse 6.
Lost most of the fish during Sandy when the power was our for almost a week.
Only thing that survived was a small tetra and a shrimp.

Long story, short - I pick up a Spec 5 on black friday to replace the Eclipse.
Moved over the shrimp and the tetra and the grass that was in there.
Also bought a small anubias. Can't remember the name of the tetra, but he is very shy now that all his tank mates are gone. I have been looking for more of the same kind but can't find them. Here is an image that i found of the tetra i have.

Tank seems to run well. I found this 50w heater at petco and it fit perfectly in the compartment where the pump is. Only issue is that the daily evaporation gets it to the min water level on the heater every day. Not a big deal until I go away for a week. During that time I though i would cover the opening at the top to minimize evaporation and put the heat in the main tank so it's still submerged if water levels get low.

Have not done any mods to lighting or filter.

Looking for suggestion on other fish for tank. Would a dwarf gourami have enough room?

thanks for reading
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