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Originally Posted by micheljq View Post
Hello, there is also this article from PPS-Pro, which seems to contradict the frequent water changes thinking :

I must say as for myself, I am not quite convinced one way or the other. Are frequent water changes really better?

This summer in my ancient apartment, i had cyanobacteria booms after water changes, maybe it was the tap water there or the fact that water was hot in the summer?

Anyway thank you for sharing this article from Barr's Report. It is very interesting.


big water changes are beneficial whether its a fast growing tank with lots of fishies or a tank that is slower going. the slower growth tank however will be more forgiving in the long run
on tanks that recieve less fertilizing, feeding, have lower stocking levels and slower growth, frequent water chagnes aren't as necessary as the system is slow enough to respond to everything happening. plus not much is being added to the tank that needs to be later removed
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