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Want to set up a low-tech planted tank

Hi! I currently have a 20g tank stocked with a decent school each of zebra danios and cories, as well as 3 ghost shrimp, two female bettas, and a male swordtail. It has a tiny swordplant in it, a sponge filter, and the light that came with the tank. So, all in all, it's a mess.
I want to turn it into a low-tech planted tank, and may get a larger tank over Christmas. I have some dry compost, with no manure, and was thinking of mixing it with black sand for substrate. Will this work? I tested to make sure the soil won't turn the tank into a cesspool.
I will be dosing with Flourite Excel, but I still need plants that aren't high-demand. I may get a better light, but I'm not sure. What plants like medium-ish light and no extra fertilizer? I must note that our water is rock-hard, but we have a softener, so it's not too hard.
I will definitely have java fern and java moss, possibly swordplants or peacock moss. Any other suggestions? Tips? Size of tank that will fit on a 24" by 14" stand?
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