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Rim removed!! I just need to clean the edges a bit and get some silicone and attach the new rim. I started playing around with some of the wood placement, and potential areas for the rock outcropping. I could not find a suitable tree stump so I did find some wood. I am thinking the far right will have a noticeable rock slope to the back right corner (the right side of the tank will be facing away from the traffic flow of the room, thus low viewage (sometimes being an Architectural designer brings out the OCD in me) So all of my tanks are set to the traffic flow in and out of the room. I will leave the wood open mostly underneath with crypts along the bottom of the rock hill. I will attempt to leave some planting areas built into the rock hill so I can place some substrate and plant some various small stems or crypts up the hill. I would like some Fissidens fontanus to grow along the middle branch where the cut in the wood, and possibly some flame moss in other areas. I want to do java fern or the trident variant in the upper portion of the rock hill where the wood will meet (seemingly growing out of or pinned inside the rock) The far left half of the tank is most likely going to be just a carpet with a few small rock outcroppings, and some of my larger stems in the very back, I will probably keep a well shaped bush of ludwigia 'cuba' in the back far left, with some of my sunset hygro near by. I will also keep some hygrophila pinnatifida
somewhere along the rock hill as well, that stuff will grow on ANYTHING, right now in my 36g its anchored in the substrate, burrowing into the stone, and in other tanks growing along some wood. (one of my favorite plants) The rock is going to be a volcanic based lace rock (should not modify the water params much)

I am open to suggestions as well. There are so many plants I have not tried yet. And I want to keep this more of a nature scape instead of the colectoritis tank my 36g has more or less become lol.

Here are a couple of pics of the wood layout (don't mind the cups, I needed them lol)

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